She’d had been working on her faux look of concern, and she wore it well while she attempted to help Needy up, grabbing her hand momentarily before the blonde girl ripped it away from her.

Smiling, she got back into her seat, newly revived with all the vigor of a cocky eighteen year old girl.

She looked over at Needy, even though she knew she was going to be blatantly ignored the entire class period. Smirking, she glanced at her lab partner’s choice of clothing and gave a little chuckle. her hands came up to shield her laughter from getting to the ears of others, but it didn’t help much.

Mr. Harris didn’t seem at all pleased by this, and he reprimanded her for laughing during his lecture.

“If you two insist on making disruptions on your first day in here, I suppose you wouldn’t mind having your first detention in here, as well?”

Jennifer looked over her shoulder, where he as standing a few rows behind them. It offered her a chance to, again, get back to selecting a meal for tonight. Her glossy lips rolled inside her mouth and then back out again, pouting. her thumb was toying with the eraser on the end of her pencil, pressing hard against it.

“I don’t mind…” she smiled. “You can fill me in about what I just missed…”

He furrowed his brow, but continued to hand out his punishments. “You’re both getting an hour after school today. You can text your rides after my class.” he started to turn, walking to the back of the room, but something came to him as an afterthought. He turned to face the front, leaning in to address her again. “If I see your phone, it’s another hour on top of that.”

Jen smiled. “Got it, Mr. Harris…” Turning around in her seat, she flipped through her notebook to find a blank page to write down notes. She slipped her pencil into the other hand, then started to doodle little flowers and clouds and deer.

"Wait, what?" Her head turned towards the teacher and her brows shot up, jaw dropped only slightly before closing. Her shock at the punishment creating and almost comical expression on her face. "But sir, I didn-"

"Excuse me Ms. Blake, would you rather add more time onto that?" He didn’t even turn back to look at her as he spoke. Needy gritted her teeth and sunk down in her seat a bit more in an almost childish fashion. She couldn’t believe it, her first day and already she already had detention and was most likely wouldn’t be in this teacher’s good graces for the rest of the year. He looked like the type that held grudges against students. So Anita had no reservations left when it came to the vaguely creative curse that tumbled out of her mouth and she turned back to look at Jen, eyes narrowed. 

"Thanks, really. I needed that.” Shit. She’d been so determined not to talk to the girl but it was almost like a reflex. If Jennifer was sitting beside her then Needy was bound to turn and whisper something to her at some point, she was simply conditioned to it since they were little. The blonde’s shoulder’s seemed to sink even lower if that was possible and she let out a large huff of a sigh, arms seeming to give out and she lay her face against the cool surface of the book. She might as well just zone out and do the class work in detention later. 

"What are you even doing here?" She let out with a sigh, her voice small. Needy wanted to be strong and indifferent but something about Jen always had her giving the other more attention than she wanted to spare. Besides, she had questions to ask anyways. "What do you remember?” Icy blue eyes narrowing as she looked over the other girl’s face, cheeks flushing slightly out of habit.




“Well, well…” Jennifer’s smile never faded, her eyes still locked onto the teacher as he showed her absolutely no interest… yet. “I thought those were your outlet frames. Still working the Potter look, hoping to find your Hermoine?”

It hurt her that she knew the names of characters in a fiction novel written for children half her age. It hurt her ego right where her ego’s balls would be if her ego had balls.

She scooted in closer to her friend, taking a moment to examine the rest of the fish in the room. Some of them were still asleep - eyes half-lidded and heads rolling back in boredom.

Mr. Harris continued with his instructions, covering the basics of the exorcise. The sound of his voice perked up Jennifer’s ears, forcing her to face front again. She puckered her lips, grabbing a tendril of her dark hair.

Instead of listening to his lecture, however, she turned her attention side-ways, to watch Needy. She hadn’t seen the girl in… she didn’t know how long. Months. Maybe a year, by now?

So she decided to ask. “Needy, how long has it been? Like, months? Years? I don’t exactly know how long it took for my body to come back to life inside of that coffin…” she spat in a low tone. Pursing her lips in agitation, she continued. “Which, by the way, I had to break out of and then claw my way to the surface like some kind of Jackie Kennedy Zombie Barbie on a real bad trip back from hell.”

As if her poisonous tone of voice didn’t translate her anger enough, deftly she slipped her ankle around the leg of Needy’s chair, then yanked it hard, tilting the seat at an awkward angle to that Needy would slip off of it and fall on her ass.

"You don’t-" She looked at the girl with wide eyes, wondering how exactly she had even come back in the first place. Needy huffed slightly, refusing to feel bad for Jennifer when a year before she would have done anything to save her. The girl turned her attention down to the book, and continued to listen. to what how Jennifer had escaped back to the land of the living. Would have been better with cement blocks and a deep river.

Needy vowed to store that idea for further investigation later because the next thing she knew she was on her back, catching herself on her elbows and glaring up at Jennifer. How easy it would be to kick her the the fucking face from this angle but there were far to many students in the room to indulge in that kind of expression. Anita wasn’t sure what she was feeling and anger just seemed to be her go to of the day. 

Bitch." She hissed under her breath because Mr. Harris was suddenly there, asking her to please get back into her seat. Apparently falling out of her seat and landing on her ass was more of a disruption to the class than a cause to be concerned. The blonde grumbled under her breath as she pushed herself off of the ground and grabbed the fallen chair, standing it up and sitting in it without another glance at the demon next to her. She had the feeling talking to her was only going to make things that much harder to do when it came to killing her again. Because no matter what Jennifer was going to kill again, something Needy couldn’t let happen. 


Jennifer’s Body

…People tell me it’ll be okay if I just accept Jesus Christ into my heart.
I say the words, but nothing ever happens.
Nobody comes back.
Nobody gets off the cross.
—Anita “Needy” Lesnicki, Jennifer’s Body (via scarrylegged)



[Text:] you gave me your number … ????

[Text:] I think you did… 

[Text:] I want you.

[Text] Yeah..maybe that was a mistake.

[Text] Y-you what?!

[Text] Since fucking when?


[Text:] come visit me.

[Text] And why in the world would I want to do that? 

[Text] What.

[Text] You think we can just be best friends again?




Jennifer’s laughter filled the hallway, boisterous as always. For Needy, it was all too easy to determine one of Jennifer’s real laughs from her fake ones. “The louder, the faker,” she said to her blonde friend once, “with laughing, and with throes of ecstasy. Trust me, you’d rather be screaming your head off than sitting there bored while the poor twerp tries his hardest to make you scream.”

She was talking to a tall kid with curly hair - one who was obviously on the lacrosse team. Truth be told, Jennifer didn’t know a thing about Lacrosse. Still, she humored the young man, flipping her hair back and forth over her scantily clad shoulders. Her jacket was draped over her arm, readied to put put back on if an administrator walked by and coded her for her choice of style. She had the principal in her back pocket, though, she thought to herself. It wasn’t like dress code was something important to maintain around campus, anyway, right.

 Bored to hell with this kid - what was his name? Greengerm? - Jennifer’s eyes found themselves focusing on other things in the hall. Expressly, other boys. That was, until she spotted a blode head of hair and those tacky pink-rimmed Potter-glasses that always seemed to follow her around everywhere she went.

She cut the boy off short as soon as she saw Needy’s image in the hall.

“Listen, baby, I gotta get to my math class… Teacher’s a real square. I think something’s stuck up his tight little-“

The late bell rang, prompting her to rush away from the puzzled lacrosse player. She looked back to where Needy had been, and saw that the girl had vanished.

Backing around a corner, Jennifer tried making it into her class which, she had forgotten, was not math. Chemistry. Great.

She booked it to the room, heels clicking absurdly loud in the now almost vacant hallway. She wished the class was closer, but she found herself there in almost no time, having mastered the incredibly difficult task of prancing around on slick school hall tiles in pumps.

She slipped into the classroom, for once not wanting to be seen. Her eyes trailed across the classroom, hoping to find some lonely boy to sit next to, but finding no one who really appealed to her on a… spiritual level, she sat alone in the front of the classroom.

Adjusting her top, she looked up to meet eyes with a dark-haired man.

“Jennifer Check, I assume?” He asked her, to which she nodded slowly, a smug smile gracing her young features. She was eighteen. Dirty teachers were fair game.

Time seemed to slow slightly like in the movies as Needy watched Jennifer flirt with some guy. At least she was still able to pick up what her be-ex best friend was doing just by gestures alone. It still didn’t make any fucking sense and Anita realized she needed to get more information before actually confronting the girl. So she turned tail and practically ran to class, getting the raised brows of the teacher. Though it was obvious by getting there early she’d earned a small bit of his attention. 

"You’re the new student…Anita Blake?" She smiled at the name and nodded, tucking some hair behind her ears. The teacher gave her what she assumed was his version of a smile and she quickly retreated to sit in the back of the class, taking out the assigned notebook and trying to catch up. Part of her really wondered if she was better off finishing school. It wasn’t exactly like she expected a lot out of life at this point. It’s not like Chip was the love of her life or anything but having your best friend go on a killing spree and having to kill her yourself does something to a person. Most of her aspirations just seemed to vanish with the need for revenge, and not that the need had be satiated she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do with her life. 

As the students started to file in and fill out the seats in front of her, Needy started to relax and ever lay her forehead down on her forearms for a moment, her glasses slipping forward to rest on the desk. She thought she was home free, Jennifer not having this class because that would be just her luck. But no, her ears picked up the teacher’s questioning of a student in the front of the room and steely blue eyes struggled to pin point the figure, leaving her glasses resting against the desk.  ”Seriously, Jennifer.” The girl whispered under her breath as though it was the brunette’s fault that they shared the same class. 

"Today we’ll be doing book work in pairs." The teacher leaned against the counter with a small sigh as the rest of the male students seemed to perk up, eyes going to Jennifer with obvious interest. "That I have picked out for you." That got a round of groans, filling Needy’s heart with the smallest bit of despair because. 

"Check and Blake." Yeah. That was why. Needy noticed that the only seat open was beside Jennifer, and even if it wasn’t the teen had never moved to her seat before when they were separated anyways. Sliding into the chair, Anita dropped her book on the desk with no small amount of aggression, glaring down at the text. “Long time no see.”

M!A: Left for dead


Dizzy. Oh, so dizzy.

Dean lifted his head, blinking several times as his blurred vision showed him nothing but a darkened street, the lamppost bulb flickering awkwardly and causing his headache to throb worse.

Can’t… Yes, I can move. First, the hunter experimented with his fingers, curling and uncurling them carefully. He wasn’t dead; he knew what that felt like. Slowly, strategically, he placed his palms flat either side of him, and attempted to lift himself up, his elbows quaking with the effort. After a long struggle, he reached about three inches from the concrete.

And then he collapsed down again.

Letting out a low groan, Dean opened his eyes again. The street was conveniently empty for what he was almost certain was a Friday night. Letting out another sound, almost like a whimper, he tasted blood on his tongue and let his eyes fall closed again. The last sensation he felt was another stream of blood, trickling hesitantly down his cheek, and then he felt the darkness engulf him once more.

Anita yawned as she finally pulled off the exit and into the beginnings of a town, the street lights flickering eerily but it wasn’t as though she scared easily. Needy blew out a sigh, wanting to just find a fucking motel already and lay down on some freshly washed sheets and take a nice hot shower. She wasn’t really sure where her next destination was but it sure wasn’t anywhere near Devil’s Kettle, her intent to put as much space between her and that town as possible. 

Blue eyes narrowed as she spotted a figure off to the side of the road, the realization that it was a person an not road kill had her pulling over. Her people skills were a bit rusty but if the guy died and she could have helped her her conscience would never let her live it down. The closer she got the easier it was to pick out details in the man, and shit had been beaten to a bloody pulp. Needy gulped and knelt down beside him, he was so still that she was afraid that she was too late and he was already dead. The young woman gently pressed her fingers to his neck, please don’t be dead. Please don’t be dead. A whoosh of air leaving her when she found a pulse. 

"Okay, Mr." She moved her hand from his neck to his shoulder to give a gently but firm shake, trying to wake the other. "I’m like seriously freaking out now so it would be great if you would wake—up-" She punctuated the last few words with firm jerks, from the blood on his head she felt it was safe to assume he might have an concussion. All the more reason to wake him. 

Not so nice M!A list
Down with the Sickness: Muse has a special type of sickness, leaving them horribly ill and unable to care for themselves (Anon specifies symptoms). Last for 2 days.
Left for Dead: Muse has been kidnapped, beaten, and left for dead in the streets until someone finds them.
Lake of Fire: All liquid for your muse now suddenly burns if they try to drink anything. Lasts for 1 day.
Black Sabbath: Muse is possessed by a demon. Lasts for 1 day.
Hungry Like the Wolf: Muse is starving, no matter what or how much they eat. Lasts 10 hours.
I Feel Like a Monster: Muse is sure they've done something horribly wrong, and refuses to believe otherwise. Lasts 5 hours.
So Cold: Muse is suddenly freezing, with no obvious cause--they're so shivery they can barely move! Lasts 10 hours.
Lights Out: Muse is blind. Lasts 12 hours.
Silence is Golden: Muse is deaf. Lasts 12 hours.
Just Dumb: Muse has lost their voice. Lasts 12 hours.
Perfect Insanity: Muse has been put into an asylum, with a straight jacket and a padded cell. Lasts 24 hours.
On My Own: Muse is lost, and will wander around _______ (Anon specifies place) until someone finds them and brings them home.
Walk Away From the Sun: Muse is "allergic" to sunlight--even a small exposure to it burns their skin. Lasts 24 hours.
Bloodletting: Muse is a vampire. Lasts 2 days.
Fear in Your Eyes: Muse is deathly afraid of _______ (Anon specifies fear). Lasts 12 hours.
Say You'll Haunt Me: Muse is a ghost, whom can only be seen if they want to be. Lasts 24 hours.
Last Resort: Muse is depressed and/or suicidal. Lasts 24 hours.
Broken: Muse is convinced they've lost someone/something dear to them, and are completely brokenhearted over it. Lasts 12 hours.